The techniques I use are mixed techniques ( (drawings) and oil on canvas (paintings).

Dimensions vary from cat-small to man-height.

I use clear colours and huge contrasts. Paint is transparent or (multi-) layered brought on with pensel, fingers or paintingknife. This results in a dynamic, spontanious piece of art.

The technique is a result of my search fot the UNIQUE. Realism and expressive intuition alternate; fine penselwork takes turns with clodds of paint thrown with brute force or the scratching with a knife to get it off again. It may take years for such a painting to come alife.

"In many cases it is a struggle between the painting and me. It is never boring. It might be the blink of an eye, the posture, a shade between the trees, it's undefinable. One last stroke might bring the whole painting to life,..... and it looks back.......horrifying"